Gabi Talks About Recovering From Injury And Her Role In Brazil’s NT

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Looking at Gabriela Guimarae’s list of accolades, we sometimes forget that the youngster is only 23 years old. Having already participated in one Olympic Games with Brazil’s national team, and owner of 3 FIVB Grand Prix gold medals, she is currently playing in her 6th straight Superliga finals.

This season, though, Gabriela faced one of the toughest battles of her career: surgery to repair cartilage in her right knee. She then underwent 3 months of recovery before she was able to come back to the courts. She recently talked to about her injury and hopes for the future. We bring you the best moments of her interview:

How did you deal with having to take time off from volleyball to operate your knee?
I was very worried at first. It really was a difficult year for me. I know I have the best professionals treating me, but we never know what the return to the courts will be like, if I would return to play at a high level. I looked for positive things during this time, but it was difficult and there were many questions in my head.

With Natalia Zilio injured and Fernanda Garay out (the player asked to be dismissed from the national team), you took on a leading role in the national team. How do you handle it when you’re only 23?
I try not to think of these questions. In my life everything happened very early and I always took advantage of opportunities in the best possible way. Now it’s the same thing. Maybe it’s a possibility of growth, of pursuing goals. I can say that it was not something that got me unprepared because I am always ready for an evolve. Of course it will not be easy, but I am willing to take responsibility and everything will happen naturally with daily work.

The Women’s Volleyball World Championship is only in September. Have you thought about the competition in your day to day?
It is inevitable, just as in 2016 I thought of the Olympics all the time from the beginning of the year. But I have the goal of winning this Superliga first. The World Championship is a medium to long term goal. I am looking for physical improvement to be very well during the national team season to be able to fight for a spot in the team.

How do you imagine yourself five years from now? Talk about goals for life and career.
It’s funny, I still can not put into my head these very long term goals. I’m in a phase of thinking about short term goals, of looking at each day at a time. Maybe in five years, who knows, the goal will be to play outside the country. But it’s still hard for me to think long term, as I’m going to have a more mature head and millions of things can happen.

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