Team USA Volleyball Captain Carli Lloyd Sends Her Love to Brazil

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Team USA’s Carli Lloyd was one of Superliga’s hottest transfers this season. After recovering from a shoulder injury, she was signed by José Roberto Guimarães’ Hinode/Barueri mid-season. She was tagged with a lot of responsibility by the demanding coach: to breathe new life into the team, tutor its less experienced setters, and help it make the playoffs. She delivered, as her crisp, precise play won the heart of Brazilian fans and helped turn Barueri around from a slump. The team was eventually eliminated from the playoffs by Brazilian volleyball powerhouse Osasco, but it did so in contending fashion.

I recently had the chance of interviewing Lloyd and ask her about her time here in Brazil, her thoughts about being tutored by one of the most successful volleyball coaches in history, and if she sees herself playing Superliga again. Here is what Team USA’s captain, and current USA volleyball player of the year, had to say:

– Carli, How would you describe your short Brazilian adventure?
The first word that comes to mind is INCREDIBLE. It is difficult for me to find the most sufficient words to describe how I felt in Brazil for my short experience. Although I wasn’t there very long I felt like I had been a part of this culture and community my whole life. I felt at home. I felt such a warm welcome and so much love and support. Being immersed in the Brazilian culture and experiencing your love for family/friends, great food, dance, music and connection is something I am so thankful for and will carry with me forever.

– What did you think of the league, fans and environment?
The league in Brazil is a very competitive, strong level of volleyball. I definitely enjoyed playing in the league and also watching the league progress through the season. I love the tradition of volleyball and think it is amazing how much respect there is for the sport in your country. Playing in front of those crowds carries with it such an exhilarating feeling. There is so much ENERGY everywhere. So much PASSION.  I love the warm atmosphere and the support of competition. I continue to receive so much love and beautiful messages from the fan base and I am so thankful for the continued support. THANK YOU BRAZIL

– Would you consider playing in the country again?
With all of my heart I want to play in Brazil again.

– What was the experience like playing for José Roberto Guimarães?
Playing for Ze was a wonderful experience for me. I have so much respect for him as a man on and off of the court. It was beautiful to see how much drive he has for the sport and how much passion he has for his team and community. I could feel his passion to be in the gym every day and this is an incredible thing to feel as an athlete with her coach.

– Did you have the chance to learn anything new from him?
I don’t think Ze and I had the amount of time together that we would have liked to have. Our time together was too short, but he did still manage to have a great impact on my mindset in the court. He helped me see how to invest my energy in the best way for the team, and for this I will forever be grateful to him.

– You will soon face-off against him in the international circuit. Do you think having played for Guimarães will translate into a competitive edge?
I do. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to play for Ze and I am so grateful for the time he invested in helping me be a stronger player and competitor. I have to say- I am not excited that the next time I see him I will be looking at him from the other side of the court.

– Finally, would you like to share some of your plans for the next few months?
Very shortly I will be back in the gym training with our National Team. We have a very full, very exciting season ahead of us. I am excited for another opportunity to grow this summer, to expand my awareness of the game and compete at such a high level Internationally.

Sending you all my love!!!!! Thank you once again BRAZIL. Love, Carli

Social Media Round Up

Carli shared an emotional good bye with her Brazilian fans through her personal Instagram page:

💜The end of this short journey has been very difficult for me to digest. I didn’t want it to be over, I didn’t want our season to finish the way it did. But as we all know, not everything always goes the way we hope and strive for. What I want to say now is that as I leave Brazil, Barueri, this team and community… I feel as if I am leaving a piece of myself behind. The impression all of you made on me is truly profound and magnificent. And I am so deeply grateful. To my teammates, thank you for welcoming me with open arms and sharing so much love with me each and every day we were together. Competing with you was an absolute honor for me and I am so thankful for each of you and the lasting friendships we have only just begun. To our fans who opened their hearts to me and shared such relentless energy each day.. thank you for making me feel so welcome and for your incredible support and love. To our staff and the Hinode team, thank you for making this season a possibility for us. For investing such precious time and energy into our group and our efforts. As for Ze, your family, and the entire community at Sportville- thank you for being such an incredible family to me. For your willingness to care for me and help me adjust to your beautiful culture. The experiences I shared with all of you have left a deep imprint on my heart and soul which I will happily carry with me moving forward, always. I don’t know where my next step is going to take me, but what I do hope is that this is just a “see you later”. I hope we will meet again soon. So much love. Thank you 💜🇧🇷💜 Portuguese translation: 😅👇🏻

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